Three things to try to manage your pain

Three things you probably haven’t tried to manage your pain!

Have you tried physio, chiro, massage, injections or maybe even surgery…? But out of pocket and even worse still in pain?

This is an important read for you that could have you functioning better in no time.

When managed poorly, whether it’s back pain, joint pain or chronic pain we understand your reluctance to be proactive and accept “that you just have to learn to live with the pain” BUT what if our exercise pain plan could flip that statement on its head and have you functioning better and feeling better, forever!

Imagine what you could do if you were pain free, get back into sport or hobbies, spend more time with your kids, work again or even go on that well-deserved holiday!

Here are 3 things you must do to get PAIN FREE:


Yep, believe it or not you have to move.

“If you don’t move it, you lose it”

“No pain, no gain”

Both of those famous clichés apply, if you have been fear avoidant due to your pain or resting on advice you may have received, not only do you have a pathology that is getting worse, but you also have the added complication of deconditioning. Before long, your pain beliefs and behaviours get embedded and here you are reading this blog. So, move!

But it is important to regress your movement to a level of retraining the local muscle system first, transferring into the global muscle system before integrating safe and controlled functional movements. That’s exactly what an Exercise Physiologist does, they progress and regress exercise in line with your symptoms to build your confidence, normalise any pain and progress your function.


It’s important you have a plan to reduce pain medications. Whilst we aren’t against pain medication, as we believe it’s important to have pain management to control your symptoms while getting the therapeutical benefits of your exercise program. BUT after 4 weeks, you need to start winding down your medication intake in consultation with your Exercise Physiologist and Doctor as ongoing drug intake is putting a blanket on your problem with no solution in sight. So, have a plan to wean off the meds and stick to it, your liver will thank you later in life and your bank account will thank you straight away from all those savings on pharmaceuticals.


There is no magic drug for pain, nor are there miracles. Just hard work and carefully planned out and personalised treatment. BUT you must maintain your function through regular exercise. Our Exercise Physiologists will discharge you once your function has increased and pain has decreased into self-management. Typically, in a gym or home-based program you will maintain what you have just achieved. forever! Yep, forever. You can’t take a break for greater than 2 weeks at a time or you will significantly increase your chance of a relapse of pain or aggravation. Sounds tough, but you should be exercising anyway, make it a habit and again your body and family will thank you later when you live longer and stronger.

I am sick of people telling you that they have the magic cure or machine to fix your pain… That’s just clever marketing like danoz direct, let’s be honest it never works.

Take a stand, do something about your pain today. Our team live and breathe managing pain through exercise therapy so don’t delay and book yourself in for an initial assessment and WE WILL SHOW YOU how we work out magic through hard work and science!

Book a consultation today.

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