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Corporate Health Checks

Allied Fitness Australia offer Corporate Health checks to small, medium and large business in Australia. We use tertiary qualified health staff such as Exercise Physiologists and Dietitians and have two types of assessments and two types of delivery:

  • Express Health Check: a quick snapshot of your employee’s health status with quick tips and hints on how to improve their lifestyle and health.
  • Comprehensive Health Check: a more detailed analysis and feedback session for your staff, this also includes a full blood test and feedback session.
  • Our tests include: blood glucose, cholesterol, flexibility, cardiovascular risk, mental health, core strength, medical history, diet and exercise, physiological measures such as blood pressure, BMI, waist to hip ratio.

We have two types of delivery:

  • Online: we use telehealth technology to get face to face with your employees
  • Face to face: we meet your workers at your workplace
  • All our health checks are confidential, however we do provide a high level executive summary for the Company to get a snapshot of their organisations health status. We can also offer pre-employment functional testing.
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