Where to Start Exercising in Isolation

Do you find yourself constantly scrolling through your social media pages finding post after post about exercising in isolation and constantly questioning your own workout habits?

‘Sarah’ completing new dumbbell workouts she’s created with her home gym, or ‘Joe’ posting about the marathon he just ran. 

 This may leave you in a few frames of mind.

1.      “I am going to run a marathon and or do that exact same workout even though I have never run more than 2km or ever picked up a weight in my life.”

2.      “This is just the inspiration I needed to start my exercise journey but I have no idea where to start”

3.      “I have a few injuries or conditions I am training with, I can’t do that”

4.      “Too hard basket, I’ll just go back to watching Netflix”

To respond to the above thoughts you may be having.

1.      Everyone is different! If you haven’t run more than 2km, now is not the time to increase your workouts from 0 to 1000% (never is really a good time for this!). This is great enthusiasm, so if this is a long-term goal, slowly working on a running program incorporating some strength training is an important way to start

2.      Fantastic! You have made the first step in steps to change realising that you want to do something which is often one of the hardest barriers to overcome.

3.      If you have been training with an injury or developed one from incorrect training or too much of the wrong type of training we have the answers for you. If you have been managing a chronic condition that you have been dealing with for a while and unsure how or what exercise can do to help keep reading!

4.      ‘Exercise is medicine’. You may have heard this term used time and time again. At this time, it is important now more than ever to be exercising. It will not only help you physically but will have a great mental health benefit, more than you may realise.

The States of Change

In answer to your questions

 “Am I doing the right type of Exercises for me or my conditions?”

 “Is my workout routine helping or hindering me?” 

“Where on earth do I even start?”

 An Exercise Physiologist can help you with all of the above! Whether it is consulting an Exercise Physiologist to tailor a program for your goal of running a marathon, to build you back up following an injury, to get you doing the best exercise for your chronic condition or to just get you started. We are excited to help you with this process through our online Telehealth sessions all from the comfort of your own home!

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