Life After Self Isolation: Key Personal Growth Lessons from Life in Lockdown

Our world, as we knew it, was completely flipped on its head in March 2020.

This season we’re living through has been imprinted in our history and generations to come will certainly hear and speak of this time – of the fear, pain, and harm but also (and more importantly) of the courage, wisdom and unity that this time has delivered.

While the media tends to focus on negativity, it’s vital that we consider all the good that has been presented to us while we were required to stay inside, and inevitably experience more stillness through self-reflection.

And so…

…here are 7 reflections of the key personal growth lessons from life in lockdown.

  • Being forced to stay in one place, most likely our home, for such a long time provided the rare opportunity to become incredibly creative: a new WFH space, at-home workouts, pre-planning meals, home schooling etc.
  • Due to lockdown and physical distance, many families, friends and relatives have actually become much closer in both traditional and creative ways. Meals together became a thing again amongst family within a household, and video calls kept us socially in touch.
  •  We now take our lives much less for granted like being able to drive outside of our immediate suburb, walking in a park, going to a restaurant, or flying on a plane. These things are now special once again.
  •  Although this was enforced following some inhumane behaviour, we learnt how to share the abundance with others like in the case of food, household supplies and groceries.
  •  Our Earth is breathing again. Without planes flying, as many vehicles on the road, factories shut down and beaches closed, our sky, land and ocean are returning to more of their native health and glory.
  •  Our resourcefulness has shone through – we are wasting less, caring more, making do with what we have and practising gratitude. Many of us used this time in lockdown to learn new skills and build new acumen so that as our external world starts to open up again, we have built ourselves to be even more of a valuable asset and contributor to our industry, attracting greater rewards while scaling our impact.
  •  The pandemic forced us all to slow down and while this did come with a sense of unease and discomfort, as humans, we don’t expand as much when things are peachy. It is in times of discomfort where opportunities for exponential growth exist. This period gave us the chance to get to know ourselves better. To explore our own gifts and talents. To face and remedy our fears and wounds. And ultimately to build our higher selves, where we have turned this tragedy into our triumph.

Hopefully these lessons were a reminder of the good amongst the bad and facilitated how we can all continue to assert our greatness in this new world which we are coming to know.

We are here to help, and we feel extremely honoured to be able to continue to serve our community as we navigate through this trying time. We thank you for your continued support and we know that together, we will get through this.

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