Exercising With An Injury

You have yourself an injury or diagnosed with a condition, now what? 

If you think ‘Great I’m now on bed rest unable to do anything’ or ‘I have to stop training’. You would be wrong. 

I like to think of injuries as hurdles not road blocks. If it were a road block, you would come to a standstill (which isn’t necessarily the case). If it is a hurdle, there are many ways to get around or work through it e.g. under, over, around or even through it. Same goes for an injury or condition there are many ways to work with it or around it. 

Take the multiple limb approach. If you have rolled an ankle, strained a tendon in your knee or find you aren’t the most balanced on your feet anymore, you still have your upper body.

 An Exercise Physiologist can also provide you a tailored program that allows you to still work the rest of your body to avoid other possible complications from not exercising. If you are unable to weight bear this may mean an entire program from the comfort of your chair or

Even a hydrotherapy session. You are still able to train you just have to be smart and creative with it. That’s where seeking the help of a professional can be beneficial.

Chances are your GP or anyone who diagnosed your injury didn’t tell you that you needed to be on strict bedrest.

 I can almost guarantee there are exercises that an Exercise Physiologist can prescribe you to benefit your condition either directly or indirectly. Therefore, exercise can be used and tailored to either aid with your injury or manage your condition and/or its’ side effects.

There is an expanding body of research to support the fact that exercise really is the best medicine. 

If it is not directly helping to strengthen your muscles or joints, it can help with side effects or secondary issues that may arise, for example helping to manage fatigue, quality of life and cardiovascular fitness during cancer treatment. 


If this now has you intrigued as to what you may be able to manage with your injury or condition and you’d like more information, get in touch with one of our Exercise Physiologists. 

They can discuss with you a plan which will be tailored to whatever injury or condition you are dealing with in one of our complimentary consultations. Movement in some way is almost always going to be more beneficial for you than sitting on the lounge doing nothing.

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