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Sports Injury

If you play sport, work or are physically active, then there is a good chance you would have or will sustain a soft tissue injury at some stage in your life, if not multiple times. Common sports injuries occur in the knee, shoulder and back as well as well as soft tissue injuries to the hamstrings, quadriceps, calfs and spinal muscles.

Did you know that if you don’t transition at weeks 4-6 from passive treatment such as Physiotherapy to active Exercise Physiology treatment then you risk deconditioning the surrounding muscle groups that are key for return to sport or return to work?

How Allied Exercise Physiologists can help:

If you have sustained a musculoskeletal or joint injury from sport or work, then you should see one of our Exercise Physiologists to ensure you are sufficiently conditioned in terms of strength, muscular endurance and proprioception to guarantee a successful return to sport or return to work. If you have had an injury and not seen an Exercise Physiologist, there is a good chance you are not fully recovered. Let’s use a sports example, if Conor McGregor got injured and saw his Physiotherapist for manual therapy, but didn’t gradually retrain and condition his muscles, do you think he could return to the UFC cage? The answer is no, he consults with his Exercise Physiologist early until he can demonstrate capacity to sustain his return to sport.

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