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Osteoporosis is a common ageing condition that starts with osteopenia which is early signs of weak bones. Calcium and weight wearing exercise make the bones strong, although starting exercise and having a balanced diet earlier will help avoid developing osteoporosis it is never too late to start exercising as long as you choose the right professional to prescribe the right exercise for you such as an Exercise Physiologist.

Did you know that 66% of Australian’s over 50 suffer from Osteoporosis?

How Allied Exercise Physiologists can help:

Our Exercise Physiologist use evidence based exercise prescription and resistance training to help slow, manage and even reverse osteoporosis. Exercise must be regular and ongoing for our bones to become stronger when put under careful load and strain. This means there are specific types of exercises that are better for bones than others so it is important that you consult with our Exercise Physiologists for the best results.

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