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Ergonomic Assessment for Sydney

Ensure proper posture and practice for working conditions with a tailored ergonomic assessment. For workplaces and individuals, the ergonomic assessment is designed to help you better understand how sitting and posture can impact your health and work. This is particularly useful for workers with chronic pain, injuries or back pain, as it can provide solutions and alternatives for working smarter. Book with Allied Fitness and discover the difference. Assessments available across Sydney.

What’s included in an ergonomic assessment?

An ergonomic assessment is a vital step in ensuring your staff are physically healthy. Particularly in office environments, staff may be seated poorly, in uncomfortable seating or suffering from joint or muscle pain as a result of their workstation. An ergonomic assessment can provide you with detailed advice on how to better look after yourself and your staff.

An ergonomic assessment provides you with a detailed outline of your workplace in a way that aligns with your health. An assessment can help with:

  • Posture
  • Physical work demands
  • Workplace design
  • Environmental factors (temperature, lighting, noise)
  • Keyboard and mouse use
  • Pause and stretch exercises

This ensures that your workstation is appropriately suited to your needs, and that you are taking the appropriate steps to remain physically healthy. A healthier body means a productive team, and with Allied Fitness you can ensure your team is working to their best.

Book your assessment with our Sydney team today

If you or your team requires an ergonomic assessment get in touch with Allied Fitness today. We are able to assess your work station, provide feedback on improvements and ensure that you are taking the best possible steps to maintain your physical health. We offer assessments for individuals or your whole team and office and can deliver comprehensive assessment one on one or deliver the service in an educational group setting.

Request a proposal or quote today to organise your assessment, or give us a call on 02 8003 7424. We look forward to working with you. 

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