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Back Pain Treatment & Solutions for Sydney Patients

Back pain can impact your work, limit the activities you’re able to do and even make it difficult to sit down comfortable or sleep. As such a critical support to your entire body, it’s important that your back is looked after properly, to reduce or even remove any back pain that you may experience. Allied Fitness offers treatment and care for those experiencing back pain, with exercise physiologists available across Sydney, Parramatta, Blue Mountains and across Australia.

Finding solutions and treatment to your back pain

Back pain may be caused by a number of reasons. It can be as a result of an injury or activity, or come from a medical condition. It can also increase in likelihood over age, coming from spinal inflammation, issues with vertebrae discs, nerves and muscles, and even disorders of the aorta or tumours in the chest. As a common condition for many patients, it’s important that proper treatment is given, especially when it comes to fitness. Certain exercises and movements can worsen and trigger back pain, so it’s critical that you seek help from a specialist to discuss the right steps for your body.

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As a multidisciplinary business, we provide innovative solutions for those experiencing back pain, chronic pain, recovering from injury or looking for an ergonomic assessment. We want everyone to be able to function better, and offer guidance and recommendations for lifestyle choices and exercise, so you can understand your body.

If you are experiencing lower or upper back pain that is impacting your work or quality of life, speak to a professional at Allied Fitness today. We have offices across Sydney, as well as Parramatta and Blue Mountains, so it’s easy for you to find treatment. Fill in your details, your preferred time and location and we will get back to you with more information. Discover the Allied difference today.

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